Design. Done.

Marmon Mok Architecture | Design. Done.

The faces of Marmon Mok Architecture

Design. It’s the gestation of an idea. A sketch or a scribble. The jotting down of a notion or a fleeting moment of inspiration-a murky, unformed possibility that came in a dream. Marmon and Mok had those dreams in the beginning and sixty three years later, we still do. But an idea is just that until it is nurtured, coddled, massaged-lured into existence. Between the spark and the form uncertainties are looming. A myriad of detail, the minutia inherent in any complex undertaking, demands constant attention and care. The people shown here, the faces of MM, give us the opportunity to make that crossing successfully time after time. Our new look celebrates this good fortune and symbolizes the personal contributions our teams make to get things Done.