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Inspiration at SIGGRAPH

The gaming and movie industries have always been at the forefront of adopting new technology, and every year the top thinkers and doers, along with tens of thousands of computer professionals from across the globe, meet, showcase, and discuss new developments in visualization, interactive techniques and technology at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on computer GRAPHics). SIGGRAPH is the #1 conference in the world for industry leaders in graphic design, visualization, and animation.

ACM SIGGRAPH has evolved to become an international community of researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists, and business professionals who share an interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Over the past year, our visualization team has worked countless hours to refine and implement the HTC Vive Virtual Reality platform as a part of our design services. This virtual reality software allows us to provide our clients with a real feel of space, design and materials long before we break ground on their project. With the use of VR in Architecture slowly being adapted by firms across the country, we hope to lead the pack with our expertise. With this at the forefront of our mind, this year we decided to send our Visualization / Graphic Designer, Carlos Lucio, to SIGGRAPH to IMG_7816gain inspiration and network with his fellow tech enthusiasts. His goal was to immerse himself in this vast world of gaming technology and use this inspiration as a launchpad to bring Marmon Mok’s projects to the next level.

With his mission in hand, Carlos met with developers and technology experts at SIGGRAPH,  demonstrating how we are using their products in the Architecture field. It was exciting for both Carlos and the developers to see something that is primarily developed for the gaming industry making such an impact in such a vastly different field. Carlos was fortunate to be able to meet with Vladimir Koylazov, co-creator of the V-Ray. The V-Ray technology is not only the number one tool for Hollywood Blockbuster movies and TV shows, it is also used by many architecture firms (Marmon Mok included) to bring life to 3d Models.

The opportunity to send Carlos to SIGGRAPH was one we were excited to take. We truly feel that allowing our staff to immerse themselves in their passions, surrounded by like minds who are developing new technology to improve our work, is invaluable, and paramount to our success. It was thrilling to have someone from our team immersed in such a forward thinking event, allowing him to collaborate with software developers and technology experts like himself. We are excited for Carlos to continue to share his inspiration, and to further enhance our projects and resources.

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