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Employee Promotions

I hope you’ll join us in congratulating the following people for on their outstanding contributions to Marmon Mok and their promotions to Associate and Senior Associate.

Greg Ferguson came to Marmon Mok already possessed of long experience in education design and vast Revit expertise.  He enhanced our BIM knowledge base at a time when we were still struggling with the new platform and has been integral to developing the expertise we enjoy today.  Greg has been an enthusiastic member of all of the design teams he has worked with and has developed technical leadership skills that have benefited those teams as well as Marmon Mok at large.  He has continued to grow professionally obtaining his License last year and has continued to seek and successfully accomplish more demanding project rolls.  His positive attitude and commitment to personal and professional growth have made him an asset to the firm and we are pleased to recognize his effort and dedication to Marmon Mok with promotion to Associate.

Roland Ibarra – Several of us in the firm had known Roland Ibarra over the years and knew of his reputation as an outstanding professional. We were really pleased when he joined us. We think Roland fit right into the culture of our office – his professional demeanor, his always positive attitude and friendly nature enabled him to quickly become one of us. At times – we feel that Roland has been here for much longer than he actually has. Roland is a good example of a servant leader. He is quietly a very strong leader – but at the same time is willing to jump in and work side by side with others when they need help. Roland has become a mentor and advisor to less experienced staff. We are pleased to recognize Roland as an Associate in our Firm.

Art Mendoza is an individual who does not know the meaning of the word cannot. He is always striving to learn and push himself and the firm to be better. His extensive knowledge and experience in construction administration, has allowed him to become a great production architect as well as mentor to others. Art never sits idle, as soon as he feels like there is a gap in his schedule, he is always actively looking for ways in which he can be helpful and productive. His positive attitude is infectious. His personal goal is to have touched every aspect of a project to become a well-rounded Architect and leader in the firm. He has gained the respect and confidence of our staff, contractors and our clients. We are proud to announce that Art has been promoted to Senior Associate.

Laurie McKinney has provided exceptional commitment and leadership in managing construction administration for multiple large complex projects.  With her professionalism and integrity, she has contributed substantially to the success of projects ranging from SAWS service centers and COSA service centers in San Antonio; dormitories at Baylor University in Waco and Angelo State University in San Angelo; Frost projects in Austin and Victoria; and currently is leading the CA effort for the new TxDOT campus in Austin.  As a part of our Team Laurie continues to exhibit leadership and provide guidance and mentorship to members of our staff from her extensive experience on both the construction side and the design side of our industry.  She has well represented Marmon Mok Architecture throughout the State of Texas, for which the Partners of Marmon Mok Architecture are pleased to announce her promotion to Senior Associate.

Howard Moreno has been a great asset to our firm since he’s been here. A true Texan Howard hails from Laredo but has worked in different parts of the country. While he has been here Howard has distinguished himself in several areas in our practice. He is an excellent building technologist who brings his 40 years of practice and in building design and technical systems on a project to create excellent solutions in the in our building envelope documentation. While working on the Texas A&M University recreation center construction administration, Howard quickly gained the trust and admiration of the client and user as he navigated a complex construction project with many issues in the field. Howard also helped shepherd our new office relocation both in build out and move in. Currently, Howard directs our quality assurance program and has immediately made an impact in the quality of not just our documentation but our work processes. It is for these reasons we are promoting Howard to associate and Marmon Mok.

Emily Rivera has been with Marmon Mok for 8 years.  She is a leader in Building Information Modeling and has been utilizing Revit for more than 10 years assisting in the creation and implementation of standards throughout the Marmon Mok office.  She has been leading medical planning on the University Hospital Women’s and Children’s Tower coordinating user meetings and medical equipment for the 670,000 SF new building.  She has a certificate in Evidence Based Design which focuses on the importance of basing design decisions on research to improve outcomes in healthcare settings.  We are proud to announce that Emily has been promoted to Senior Associate.

Autumn Schroeder brings a high level of confidence, commitment and enthusiasm to her projects. A UTSA graduate, registered interior designer and a leader in design communication, her participation has elevated the design of the Frost Tower, Texas Lions Camp and TXDOT projects. She is fearless in her ability to learn new rendering and VR programs which has been valuable to share with clients the design intent.  She is a strong team member with her contributions leading to a project success with her positive attitude and willingness to help and teach others. She has developed a relationship of trust and reliability with our clients, consultants and the general contractors and easily becomes the “go to” person for information. She carries with her a sense of calm professionalism that reflects well on our firm.  We are thrilled to announce Autumn Schroeder’s promotion to Associate.