San Antonio, Texas
24,000 SF

Two highly recognized leaders in cancer treatment, MD Anderson of Houston and the Cancer Therapy and Research Center of San Antonio, have partnered together in the creation of an improved cancer care program in San Antonio. Marmon Mok has been selected to renovate three separate areas within the existing Urschel Tower to enhance the patient and caregiver experience in support of the new program’s goals.

The Welcome Center on the first floor will be the first place patients are seen. It is a one-stop where patients are registered, vitals are taken, labs are drawn, and financial counseling is provided. From there patients are directed to their scheduled appointments located throughout the building. The Family Center on the second floor provides additional support to patients and their families. Yoga classes, guided meditation, healthy cooking demonstrations, and support group meetings are held here. There is also a library with computer stations for the patient’s use and a food pantry for patients in need. Additional support services are provided by social workers, a dietitian, a transportation and lodging coordinator, and a volunteer services coordinator.

The renovated Infusion Clinic will be located on the third floor, consolidating the traditional and research infusion clinics into one. Patient experience is the priority, giving ample square footage to each infusion station and providing direct views through the exterior windows. A range of privacy levels and seating options will be provided to accommodate the varying needs of the patient population.

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