DHR Architects | Marmon Mok (an Association)

San Antonio, Texas
250,000 SF

Beginning with a master plan prepared in the late 1970’s, Marmon Mok has been an integral part of the design of new developments at the San Antonio International Airport throughout the years. Marmon Mok designed the original Terminal 1, the Ground Transportation Center, the Short Term and Long Term Parking Garage, and most recently, the Terminal 1 Renovation and Concession Redevelopment and the Airport Masterplan Expansion Program.

This renovation was key to reaffirming Terminal 1 as a state-of-the-art facility and preparing San Antonio’s International Airport for expansion over the years. Working alongside DHR Architects, Marmon Mok directed the accomplishment of the owner’s three primary goals: increasing passenger convenience, capturing a meaningful image of San Antonio and increasing lighting levels to adhere to energy conservation codes.

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