Exigo | Marmon Mok (an Association)

El Paso, Texas
31,000 SF

Marmon Mok, partnering with Exigo Architects, was selected by the City of El Paso’s Library and Parks & Recreation Department to design three unique facilities: Alameda Recreational Center & Library, Chamizal Recreational Center & Library, and the Sylvia Carreon Community Center as part of their 2012 Quality of Life Bond. All three facilities are of similar size with the same programmatic requirements, except for Sylvia Carreon Community Center which will not support a Library. When completed the facilities are to provide their respective communities with new services for years to come.

The Sylvia Carreon Community Center is sited in a newer and less densely populated area of El Paso. Encompassing a variety of exercise spaces including: a double Gymnasium, Cardio Weights Room, Game Space, Multi-purpose Fitness, Multi-purpose Community Room, and an outdoor courtyard. The project is to be built within the Lomaland community park, which has many graceful trees and is a hub of leisure activity for the community. Sensitively siting the building, which will serve as a backdrop to the park, the design’s shallow sloped roofs and material choices addresses both the topography and materials found of El Paso’s beautiful landscape.

As part of each project, the City of El Paso’s MCAD (Museum & Cultural Affairs Department) is coordinating a major Public Art piece in an effort to support and enhance the cultural heritage of the city. For the Sylvia Carreon project, Blessing Hancock is developing an Artwork that complexly patterns solar shades that are to be mounted on the exterior façade of the building.

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