San Antonio, Texas
10,178 SF

Universal City requested a new, updated library to be built on the same site as their current city library. The old library was deteriorating and too small to serve the needs of their growing city. They asked Marmon Mok to build not only a library, but to include a multi-purpose meeting room that could be utilized by the public for events, whether the library was open or closed. We designed the meeting room to be accessible through exterior entrances, and located the restrooms in a vestibule between the multipurpose room and the rest of the library to address this need. They also wanted a stronger connection to the Library site and adjacent to Northview Park. We located the new building near where the library and park sites meet and put the Library’s fenced outdoor space at this end creating a visual connection between the library and park, inviting park goers to enter the library and vice versa. Also included was a new parking lot adjacent to Northview Park. The previous lot served as parking for Northview Park patrons, but upon completion Northview park will have its own on-site parking

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