McChesney/Bianco Architecture | Marmon Mok (an Association)

San Antonio, Texas
292,000 SF
800 Car Garage

At the request of the campus architect, McChesney/Bianco Architects, Marmon Mok provided architectural design services to support the aggressive schedule established by the University of the Incarnate Word. The new Alonso Ancira Tower parking garage, a nine-tier structural steel parking with 800 spaces, was planned in response to the university’s rapidly growing campus (including the adjacent new residence hall). The parking structure is located next to the headwaters of the San Antonio River, calling for additional precautions and sensitivity. The parking garage is located on a significantly sloping site– prompting the designers to step the lower levels of the garage down the hillside to maximize parking spaces and minimize excavation cost. Traffic planning issues were also important at this congested intersection. Through creative use of the fiberglass grating system, our design provides an interesting architectural skin that becomes translucent at night.

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