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Mary Bartlett Honored with Texas A&M School of Architecture Outstanding Alumni Award

We are delighted to announce that Mary Bartlett, a valued partner at Marmon Mok Architecture, has been honored with the prestigious Texas A&M Outstanding Alumni Award. This well-deserved recognition by Texas A&M University’s School of Architecture celebrates Mary’s exceptional accomplishments and her unwavering dedication to the field of architecture.

As a partner at Marmon Mok Architecture, Mary Bartlett has continuously exemplified the highest standards of design excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Her profound impact on our firm and the broader architectural community is undeniable. Mary’s ability to combine her artistic vision with technical expertise has resulted in iconic structures that have shaped the built environment and enriched the lives of those who experience them. 

Throughout her career, Mary has consistently advocated for sustainable design principles, leaving a positive imprint on our communities and the environment. Her commitment to integrating sustainable practices and her advocacy for green building initiatives have positioned her as a leader in sustainable architecture. Mary’s passion for designing spaces that prioritize human well-being and environmental responsibility resonates deeply with our firm’s values.

At Marmon Mok Architecture, Mary’s innovative spirit and ability to create spaces that elevate the human experience is an inspiration. Her exceptional design sensibilities and attention to detail have contributed to the success of numerous landmark projects. Mary’s leadership within our firm and the broader industry has cultivated a culture of excellence and collaboration.