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We expand expectations. Through our architecture services, we have an opportunity to improve lives in tangible and emotional ways, not often anticipated in the beginnings of a project. These unexpected opportunities enrich our work and amplify a project’s potential.
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Interior Design

Interior Design completes architecture.
It adds beauty and function to the places where people live, work, and play every day. Our interior design services create the spaces that lift our spirits and improve our lives, no matter the project’s size or budget.
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Good planning is the foundation for success. It defines the project and creates the relationship that will last long after the building is complete. Marmon Mok takes the long view: we find the best solutions that will achieve your goals now and in the future.


Design Approach

We work hard, lead with confidence, and commit to excellence and integrity in all we do.
Design well done is the product of teamwork. We put together the best team with the right stuff to achieve your goals with innovation and ingenuity.
Design success is the result of confident leadership. We keep our eyes on the project vision and client goals and work in an enterprising, creative environment. Our brand of leadership demands excellence at each stage of the design process.
Design excellence rises from focused and tenacious effort sustained from a project’s inception to its completion. Our designs embody our firm’s resolve to seek the best solution for every project.
Integrity is foundational to the success of Marmon Mok. Design is our product. Our firm cultivates a collaborative, resourceful, and open environment that delivers design at the highest level of both quality and service.
marmon mok services design approach



Sustainability is smart. Being “green” is right for our clients today and makes the world we leave for the next generation better. Our services integrate sustainability as fundamental to the design from a project’s inception. Creating beautiful places built on sound principles of land use, material use and resource conservation, regardless of formal certification intent, is our goal on every project.
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Design. Done.

Design. It’s the gestation of an idea. A sketch or a scribble. The jotting down of a notion or a fleeting moment of inspiration–a murky, unformed possibility that came in a dream. Marmon and Mok had those dreams in the beginning and sixty-eight years later, we still do. But an idea is just that until it is nurtured, coddled, massaged–lured into existence. Between the spark and the form, uncertainties are looming. A myriad of detail, the minutia inherent in any complex undertaking, demands constant attention and care. The people of MM give us the opportunity to make that crossing successfully time after time. Our new look celebrates this good fortune and symbolizes the personal contributions our teams make to get things Done.

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