San Antonio, Texas
11,500 SF

The recently designed Alamo Colleges Northeast Lakeview Veterans Center As an educational building, there is an intrinsic expectation that the Veteran Center’s building envelope and skin will have a long life and be low maintenance. Critical objectives for the building envelope include long-wearing and durable materials that provide a high-efficiency thermal barrier. Exterior materials will also be aesthetically pleasing and coordinate with the existing campus, including the latest addition, Paluxy Hall.

The exterior design will include brick, metal panels, and limited accent materials to accompany glazed openings and entrances. Metal panels require very little maintenance and can last upwards of 40-50 years. Thermally broken curtainwall systems with double-paned insulated glazing units are proposed for glazed openings.

The interior design goals of the Veterans Center are to provide durable, long-lasting finishes and materials to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Entry lobby and major corridors to have terrazzo or tile flooring for durability and longevity. Instructional spaces to have carpet tile floors, and acoustical ceiling tiles with digital displays on (2) walls. The Reception/Waiting Area is to be carpeted, with an acoustic ceiling and provide a living plant wall. Common lounge spaces within the Northeast Lakeview Veterans Center will have carpet tile flooring and acoustic ceilings. These common lounge spaces should be flexible, provide relaxation, offer a variety of seating styles, and be accessible to all. They should also provide both open and enclosed areas for students and staff to stop and talk or take a break. Building commons spaces such as staff break rooms, lactation rooms, vending areas, and coffee bars to have luxury vinyl tile flooring. Restrooms to have tile flooring and painted gypsum ceilings. Building security will be addressed architecturally by identifying locations for shelter-in-place and collaborating with staff to determine appropriate transparency between rooms.