Austin, Texas

Located in East Austin, the Givens District Park has been a place for family fun and treasured memories in the community for over 50 years after being purchased in 1957 and later named posthumously for Dr. Everett H. Givens in 1962.

Givens, a luminary for African Americans in East Austin, had a dental practice located on East 6th Street, was known for advocating for the betterment of Black Austinites and became a revered public figure for the championing of civil rights during Jim Crow segregation.

The pool’s renovation and reconfiguration will enhance the swimming experience by providing a fun, safe, and community pool experience. The project scope includes refurbishing the existing 10,000 SF outdoor pool to provide a combination of recreation and leisure with zero-entry features and water play features, (6) 25-yard lap lanes, and a 1-meter diving board.  An existing bathhouse will also be renovated and will include the design of facility entrance control, showers and bathrooms, a first aid station, and the lifeguard office.

Receiving input during a public participation process, Marmon Mok designed a new community multi-purpose space, additional bike parking, electric vehicle charging stations, dedicated hybrid vehicle parking, and pedestrian connectivity to the public right-of-way along 12th Street. The inclusion of rain gardens along the south side of the facility will also assist with softening the transition between the aquatic facility and adjacent park amenities. Security fencing that surrounds the Aquatic Facility will also be upgraded with a more aesthetically appropriate non-climbable fence.

Givens Park Aquatic Facility is also pursuing a certification using the Sustainable SITES Initiative Rating System. This entails the implementation of sustainable attributes that include energy conservation, environmental land protection, appropriate material choices, water conservation, sustainable construction measures, and operations/maintenance guidance.