San Antonio, Texas
45,654 SF Demolished
57,000 SF New Construction
26,000 SF New Finishes
for Existing Building

The project called for a fast-track design phase which started in November 2009 and finished in February 2010. The project includes a partial replacement of an existing elementary school with related and ancillary facilities (i.e., parking lots, play areas, library, fine arts, cafetorium, food service, etc.). The completed facility totals approximately 84,000 SF and has a core and classroom capacity of approximately 800 students

Replacement of the original demolished building totaled 57,000 SF of new construction, with the design program generally based on a “prototype” design illustrated in documents furnished by the client. Existing mechanical systems were assessed with the intent to reuse equipment determined to be suitable for the task; as well as assessment and improvements of on-site vehicular circulation.

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