San Antonio, Texas
90,000 SF

The Juan M. Alvarado Elementary School is a new facility for the Southwest Independent School District as a response to the district’s rapid growth. The school, located in southwest Bexar County, aims to cater to the educational needs of the SWISD community while providing a secure and welcoming environment for students and staff.

Located on a 35.3-acre tract in Southwest San Antonio, the site selection has been chosen for its accessibility and adjacency to the Southwest Legacy High School and Resnik Middle School. The design plan will integrate seamlessly with the natural features of the site and the existing architectural vocabulary, ensuring harmony with the surrounding environment.

Primary access to the campus will be via SW Verano Pkwy, with additional access points to be determined. Safety and security have been given top priority in the design, with separate parking areas for employees, visitors, and maintenance vehicles. The design also incorporates low-impact development principles and efficient landscaping practices for effective stormwater management.

The school’s layout will accommodate the needs of Southwest ISD, with high-performance, resource-conserving, and flexible spaces. The design encourages circulation between indoor and outdoor areas, providing access to outdoor spaces for educational and recreational activities.

The school’s design will accommodate 800 students and faculty, provide safe and collaborative learning spaces, minimize energy consumption, and plan for future growth. The site layout plan ensures an appropriate scale for students, access for teachers, and a functional drop-off/pick-up system for parents.

The Juan M. Alvarado Elementary School’s design will make a substantial impact on the educational needs of the community while prioritizing 21st-century learning, safety, and functionality.