Kerrville, Texas

One of the core programs for the Lions of Texas is the Texas Lions Camp (TLC). The mission of TLC is to provide, without charge, a camp for children with physical disabilities, Type-1 diabetes, and cancer from the State of Texas, regardless of race, religion, or national origin. In 1953, TLC opened its doors to the first 40 campers and since then the doors have never closed. Today, more than 1,500 children attend TLC each summer and still no child is charged to attend camp.

TLC is expanding their campus to make it more enriching for its campers while providing safe, comfortable, and exceptional facilities for campers and staff to complete their camp experience. The central core of the main campus will include a new 2-story lodge and 8 new bunk houses. The lodge will provide public dining and lounge space, decorated to reflect the natural Texas Hill Country surroundings, enhanced with an authentic summer camp design details. The second floor has a breathtaking patio, inviting nature into the space and surrounding visitors with the peace and beauty of the rugged surroundings.

The design of the bunk houses is centered around the joy and comfort of each individual camper. Natural wood tones mixed with rich colors bring a sense of calm and comfort to each space, creating an area of respite after each lively day camp brings. A common gathering space and large patios encourage camaraderie, furthering an authentic camp experience.