San Antonio, Texas
35,000 SF

The Project Vision for the new Bexar County Public Works Office Building along the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River integrates the functional components of the program into the future vision and Legacy of the County along the newly expanded and redeveloped banks of the San Antonio River. With its commanding views of the San Antonio skyline and proximity to the Missions World Heritage Site, this prominent location allows this building to become a “Lantern” on the river and to distinguish itself as a good neighbor to the Mission Reach.

The building is divided into public and private areas. The public areas including the lobby, board room, reception desk, and plan drop are centrally located on the first floor and have access to a panoramic river and city view as visitors and users are pulled through the space. Access from this interior public space to an elevated outdoor patio provides an opportunity for social gatherings, special events, and hospitality. The private work areas flank the public lobby on both the first and second floors to the east and west. The variety of views provided by the orientation of these wings boasts city and river views to the north and northeast and nicely landscaped views to the south and southwest of the property. A centrally located conferencing center overlooking the lobby and connecting the private work areas on the second floor borrows exterior views of the river and landscaped views to the southwest of the site.

The architectural and interior design for the new building honors and respects the traditional diversity of San Antonio, Bexar County, and its natural setting. It takes advantage of the rich heritage to establish a civic identity for years to come. The new building is a good steward of the environment and will incorporate low-impact design, energy conservation, and “green” initiatives where practical.

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