Kerrville, Texas
Boathouse, Dock/Boat Ramp and Pedestrian Foot Bridge: 4,520 SF
Rec Hall – renovation and expansion: 9,100 SF
Themed Campsite: 3,750 SF
Maintenance Facility: 4,880 SF
Infirmary Renovation and Addition: 775 SF
Shade Pavilion for Food Service: 450 SF

Texas Lions Camp is a summer camp in the Texas Hill Country for physically disabled children that was started some 75 years ago by the Lions Service Clubs in Texas. Our firm has worked on projects at this campus since 1976. We have designed master plans, site improvements and renovated a number of the buildings over those years including a maintenance facility, a Western themed camp site, and a renovation/addition to the recreation hall and infirmary.

Most recently, we expanded the facilities to include a shading structure for the amphitheater, a concessions stand, a boat house and a dock. Our design intent was to integrate the facilities with nature, take advantage of the natural amenities of the site, optimize the views, enhance safety and make circulation around the camp interesting.

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