Marmon Mok | ESa | WSP (an Association)
San Antonio, Texas
604,561 SF

The University Health Palo Alto Community Hospital on San Antonio’s south side will be one of two prototypical hospitals for underserved areas. This facility spans 68-acres, embodying a pragmatic approach to addressing healthcare needs. Marmon Mok’s design wills essential features, ensuring functionality, scalability, and seamless integration of medical services.

The initial capacity of 166 beds signifies a calculated response to the immediate healthcare requirements of the community. By anticipating future needs, the design allows for an expansion potential to accommodate up to 286 beds. This scalability ensures the longevity and adaptability of the hospital, aligning with the evolving demographics and health demands of the area.

The hospital encompasses critical medical facilities, including an Emergency Room catering to children and adults, labor delivery suites, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), operating rooms, and private patient rooms. These elements are strategically placed and designed for operational efficiency, adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

A distinctive feature of the design is the connectivity between the hospital and a five-story medical office building. This integration serves the practical purpose of bringing specialists and family medicine physicians together in a centralized location. This design synergy optimizes the delivery of comprehensive healthcare services, minimizing logistical complexities and enhancing patient care.

As part of our dedication to practicality and sustainability, the University Health Palo Alto Community Hospital design will comply with strict environmental regulations. The architectural decisions put functionality and resource efficiency at the forefront while meeting the healthcare facility’s essential goals. Every detail, from the arrangement of patient rooms to the energy systems used, will be carefully considered and planned to ensure optimal effectiveness.

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